Jan. 5, 2016


New Year brings a new name

Hep C Connection is now Liver Health Connection


DENVER, Colo. — Colorado’s own Hep C Connection is now Liver Health Connection, celebrating the New Year with a new mission and name.


Hep C Connection has for 20 years provided patient advocacy and support related to the hepatitis C virus (HCV). The non-profit’s name and focus change to Liver Health Connection will enable the dedicated staff to educate patients, providers and the general public about HCV and other significant diseases affecting the liver while extending advocacy efforts, resources and support.


Changes to the mission came about through a strategic planning process that identified a broadening array of needs among the client base. The majority of people with the hepatitis C virus, baby boomers born between 1945 and 1965, will have entered Medicare by 2030.  


“As more of our hepatitis C patients begin accessing care through federal programs, we see many other liver diseases that are getting scant attention,” said Nancy Steinfurth, executive director of Liver Health Connection.


Liver Health Connection, which operates a national helpline, intends to use its successful education models to change health behaviors for liver cancer, NASH (the result of fatty liver disease), hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and co-infection of those viruses with HIV.


All of these diseases can lead to liver cancer and according to the American Cancer Society, the percentage of Americans developing liver cancer has been rising for several decades, where rates of other cancers are decreasing. Worldwide 600,000 people die from liver cancer each year, with almost 25,000 deaths in the U.S.


More information and access to services can be found at Liver Health Connection’s new website,, and the national helpline is 800-522-4372.




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