Patient Navigation

Patient Navigation seeks to help patients achieve their health goals and overcome barriers to receiving care. Our Patient Navigator is an experienced staff member with in-depth knowledge of liver disease who is trained to assist patient with a broad rangs of needs.  The Patient Navigator works with people who have received a diagnosis of a hepatitis C viral infection (HCV) or other liver disease, and provides them with personalized guidance, information and support throughout the journey of obtaining treatment.

Assisting with clients' care after an HCV diagnosis provides opportunities to prevent future transmission of the virus and decrease risk for progression to advanced liver disease. Our goal is to help maintain our clients' health and ensure access to care and treatment.

Learning about an diagnosis of liver disease or viral hepatitis can be an overwhelming experience, and Liver Health Connection is here to help.  If you are interested in seeking or learning more about Patient Navigation Services, please call 1-800-522-4372 or email our Patient Navigator at

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